When you're shopping for a new or used car in Peoria, you certainly have plenty to think about. Before narrowing down the kind of vehicle you're looking for, settling on a brand and model, and finding a dealer you can trust, you must first complete a whole lot of research - which inevitably involves a whole lot of technical specs, finance terms and confusing lingo you might have difficulty understanding. But if it feels like you're lost in uncharted territory, don't worry! Here at your local Peoria Hyundai dealer, the Mike Miller Hyundai team is full of automotive experts, and we're happy to help clear up anything that seems too complicated to figure out yourself. Here, we've put together a list of commonly misunderstood automotive terms that we hope will be helpful throughout your IL Hyundai experience!

Technical and Service Terms

         · Brake Assist: a safety feature that assists drivers in the event of a panic stop, by applying extra braking force when it detects that brake pedal application is occurring faster than usual.

         · Combined fuel economy rating: according to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency, this number reflects the average number of miles a car is capable of traveling on just one gallon of gas. The average is calculated in simulated lab tests consisting of driving conditions from about 55 percent highway and 45 percent city.

         · Horsepower: originally used in reference to the strength of draft horses to convey how much output was generated by steam locomotives, this unit of measurement is now utilized to express the engine power of a vehicle.

         · Incentive: a reduction of a vehicle's net price or cost of financing/leasing, offered by an auto manufacturer in order to provide financial assistance to consumers. The most common vehicle incentives include customer cash rebates, low-interest financing and subsidized leases.

         · Limited warranty: a warranty on a vehicle that remains in effect only for a previously specified number of years or miles driven.

         · Oil filter: in the lubricating system of a vehicle's engine, a canister filled with cartridges that strains dirt or other abrasive materials out of the oil.

Hyundai Terms

        · Scratch Recovery Clear: an elastic chemical compound that works to heal exterior scratches that may end up on your vehicle. Together with an ecoat bath that helps prevent rust and corrosion, Scratch Recovery Clear allows Hyundai vehicles to boast some of the highest-quality, best-protected paint jobs in the industry.

        · Hyundai Blue Link®: technology that connects to smartphones, web applications and in-car systems to provide drivers with navigation, remote access, mechanical information, emergency assistance and even environmental sustainability tips.

        · Connected Care: a feature of Hyundai Assurance that comes standard on all Blue Link-equipped Hyundai models that were purchased or leased after May 15, 2013. Connected Care provides drivers with everything from automatic collision notification, to SOS emergency assistance, to monthly vehicle health reports and maintenance alerts that remind you when your car is due for a service checkup.

        · Hyundai Assurance: an umbrella of services unique to the Hyundai brand, which includes the innovative Connected Care feature; 24/7 roadside assistance for five years; a 10-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty and Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty; and even free multi-point inspections performed by Hyundai factory-trained service technicians. Whew, that's a mouthful, but Hyundai dealers like us think this video sums it up pretty nicely:


Wrapping your head around automotive lingo can be a tricky enterprise, and of course this list is by no means exhaustive. If you're running into trouble understanding any of the terms, phrases or topics discussed here on our IL Hyundai dealer's website, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Of course, the team here at Mike Miller Hyundai also invites you to stop by our Hyundai dealership's convenient and central location on West Pioneer Parkway in Peoria, IL to speak with a professional in person. We look forward to helping you navigate the language of Hyundai!

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